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AOP Water Purification Equipment

With the continuous development of the economy, water pollution has become more serious. There are more and more harmful chemicals in water. The commonly used single water treatment methods, such as physical, chemical, biological, etc. are difficult to treat. However, the single disinfection and purification methods of O3, UV, H2O2, and Cl2 all have insufficient effect, and the oxidizing ability is not strong, and it has the selectivity shortcoming to meet the processing requirements. We combines the domestic and foreign technologies and adopts UV, photocatalysis, O3, advanced oxidation, effective mixing, refrigeration and other technologies to develop and produce a new generation of AOP products (the oxidation process with hydroxyl radicals as the main oxidant in the water treatment process Called AOP), this product uses UV nano photocatalysis, ozone technology, advanced oxidation technology to form hydroxyl radicals (OH radicals) in a special reaction environment, and use hydroxyl radicals for effective and advanced oxidation of organics in the water. And thoroughly and effectively decompose the organic matter, microorganisms, pathogens, sulfide and phosphide poisons in the water, so as to meet the requirements of deodorization, disinfection, sterilization and purification of the water. The treated water quality meets the relevant national standards. AOP products overcome the problems of the single water treatment method, and win the favor of the market and users with its unique technical combination advantages.

Features and advantages of AOP water purification equipment
The AOP water purification equipment is an combination equipment integrating nano-photocatalytic system, oxygen production system, ozone system, refrigeration system, internal circulation system, effective steam-water mixing system and the intelligent control system.
Easy to install and save floor space.
High ozone production with efficiency and high concentration, ozone concentration is greater than 120mg/L.
Effective mixing, micron-level bubbles, high solubility, solute diffusion coefficient and large storage capacity of dispersed phase.
High-strength special ultraviolet technology, instantaneous generation of hydroxyl radicals.
Nano effective catalysis, decomposes and oxidizes the organic matter instantly.
The reaction is fast, effective, and non-selective. The treated water realizes rapid oxidation for organic matter at the moment of entering and exiting the equipment, and the COD of the effluent reaches the new national first-level emission standard or the requirement of recycling water reuse.
It can completely degrade organic matter into carbon dioxide and water without secondary pollution.
Effectively increase the transmission speed and contact time of ozone in the water to enhance the utilization efficiency of ozone, save ozone dosage and oxidation time, thereby greatly saving ozone equipment investment and operating costs.
Increase the reaction speed, and have the characteristics of long replacement cycle and small filling volume, which can be effective Increase the ozone utilization rate by more than 15%
The reaction system also has other auxiliary functions such as sterilization, anti-scaling, decolorization, COD removal, etc.

Technical principle of AOP water purification system

First step, generate hydroxyl radicals.
AOP water purification equipment adopts international advanced oxidation technology, a specific light source excites photocatalytic materials, and combines advanced ozone oxidation and effective mixing technology to generate hydroxyl radicals with extremely strong oxidizing properties.

Second step, completely oxidized and decomposed into CO2 and H2O
The Hydroxyl radicals directly destroy cell membranes, quickly destroy cell tissues and quickly decompose bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and organic matter into CO2 and H2O in the water, so that microbial cells lose the material basis for resurrection and reproduction to achieve purpose of a complete decomposition of bacteria, viruses, and bacteria.

Application of AOP water purification equipment
The AOP water purification equipment adopts UV photocatalysis, ozone, advanced oxidation technology. According to industry applications, the products have developed AOP drinking water purification equipment, AOP swimming pool water purification equipment, AOP river treatment (black and odorous water) purification equipment, and AOP circulating cooling water purification equipment, AOP chemical wastewater purification equipment, AOP aquaculture purification equipment.

Post time: Dec-27-2021